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Hub website back online

2007-09-17 17:03:02

After a few months without a working database online, I've restored what I can and this website should be working again. If you signed up for the hub between July 2006 and now, your login information has probably been lost. You may still able to log in to the hub, but you won't be able to log in on this site. There may still be a few problems on here that I've missed. Please report any problems at and include any be sure to copy and paste any weird error messages that show up, especially if it mentions a particular page and line that the error happened at so I can track down the problem easier.

- faninor
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Canada Day Weekend

2006-07-07 23:17:07

Pedestrian and OLP from Canada Day weekend in Toronto are now available and slowly circulating through the hub. Dearly Beloved, and Neverending White Lights from Edgefest are also available. Enjoy!

- xjsb125
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2006-05-25 18:55:37

We are now the Our Lady Peace/Pedestrian/Silverchair hub. Big thanks for Joel Shearer for supporting the idea of adding Pedestrian to the hub, and the whole band for making the great music that they do. :D

- faninor

Canada was pretty cool.

2006-05-13 01:28:05

I had lots of fun meeting everyone on BC. Recordings are showing up on the hub now.

- faninor

OLP Canadian Tour Tapers

2006-03-22 19:29:19

I got bored looking at the Weakest Link. 8*D***

Anyone who is planning on taping shows on OLP's latest Canadian tour should send a message to faninor or xjsb125. We are still looking for tapers for shows in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and Ontario.

We are also searching for anyone in Canada with the ability to rip video from cable straight to PC. If this is you, let one of us know. I am currently working on a ripping guide to go on the site as well.

Hope to see some of you in British Columbia for the first 3 nights of OLPness!

- xjsb125