Past News

OLP lists updated...

2005-09-27 15:26:12

I'm working on getting the lists of surfaced recordings and interviews more up to date...

I just added more new interviews to the database than will appear on the main page, so be sure to check in the OLP > Interviews, Etc section for a more complete list of what is new.

- faninor

HIPT leak

2005-08-05 12:41:55

For those of you thinking of sharing a leaked version of Healthy In Paranoid Times, you are asked by the ops to please not do so. Anyone sharing a leaked copy or individual tracks will be promptly kicked, and time banned.

- xjsb125

Edgefest 2005

2005-08-02 12:20:37

Edgefest 2005 is now available on the hub in mp3 format. Keep an eye out in the future for video from the show. Enjoy!


- xjsb125

And we're back...

2005-07-27 20:10:12

As you can see, the hub site is back online.

There may be some minor changes or bugs to fix in the coming weeks, but all major features of the website are online and hopefully functional.

4 new Our Lady Peace concerts have been added, thanks to Joe (trapezeman1) for sending the tapes my way.

Take a look around the site. Log in and add yourself to the concert attendance lists for all the shows you've been to. Rate the recordings that you've downloaded and listened to, to help others be able to find the best shows to download. And if you notice any mistakes while browsing the lists, submit corrections by clicking on the band in question from the menu on the left and then the "add/correct info" link.

Also, expect some new recordings from the upcoming OLP shows but please be patient as it sometimes takes a while before tapers have time to get their shows copied onto computer and all ready for sharing or trading.

- faninor

2005-06-26 00:00:00


We are updating to a new database. In order to make sure no information is lost in the transfer, we can temporarily not accept new membership signups. If you have already signed up for the hub and are waiting for your account to be activated, we'll make sure that gets done. However, if you just found our site, you will have to wait until we finish upgrading the database. Please be patient, the upgrades may take another week, maybe two at the most, but we believe, with the major changes being made to the site's usefulness, the wait will be well worth it.

Information in the recording database is going to begin to disappear tonight.

It will be back, soon. In better form.

- faninor