Past News

2004-12-10 00:00:00

Since there is usually no exact science to determining whether or not the word "the" belongs at the beginning of a venue's name, it has been removed from the beginning of all venue names on the website and in my files. This should keep things more consistent, so I encourage everyone to rename their files accordingly. Thanks to Kym for the idea!

Also, audio of two songs from Our Lady Peace 2000-01-11 - Hunter Gatherer Brewery - Columbia, SC, USA is now on the hub. And look for a new Nickelback show soon!

And the 7 Weeks continues . . . only a couple sets left! Be sure to check back and see what they will be.

- faninor

2004-11-29 00:00:00

And for tonight's addition to the seven weeks of OLPness we have another audio show: 1998-00-00 - Summersault (unknown location, Canada) . . . this comes from a radio CD, so the information is lacking, but the quality is good!

- faninor

2004-11-28 00:00:00

And the second dose of OLPness is: audio of 1998-01-13 - Memorial Centre - Kingston, ON, Canada. mp3's of the whole show is available now, check back tomorrow for more new stuff!

- faninor

2004-11-20 00:00:00

Alright guys, Matt and I have dug up enough material to bring the seven weeks of OLPness back for a second year, and it starts now!

The format is a little different this time around, rather than releasing one new audio show per week for 7 weeks, we've ripped some video shows and we'll be releasing 1 video track per day from now until January 1st. On a couple days we'll probably release 1 full audio show instead of a video track, to fill up all of the days.

The first set is:

1998-06-13 - Sawyer Point (Q102 One Earth Party) - Cincinnati, OH, USA

Check the message board or hub each day for the new tracks!

- faninor

2004-10-16 00:00:00

A special get well soon wish to Sooz, who is recovering from an operation and brief stay in the hospital. Get well soon!

Also, Matt (xjsb125) is looking for people who can rip Canadian music videos from all of those Canadian bands that are played on crazy Canadian music channels.

Also, if anybody happened to record OLP's television appearance on Mohr Sports in the middle of 2002, please email me at - we are looking for a recording of this for a special project.

Things have been quiet around the hub lately. Right now my desktop computer is broken, but after I get it running again I should have a new Our Lady Peace show to share.

- faninor