Hub OPs

faninor - The Hub King


AIM: a1a2a3a4sink


Josh was nice enough to take over for Nate when things got a little too busy, and he runs a nice, tight ship. The hub community is in good hands.

xjsb125 - The Hub Host


AIM: xjsb125


Matt used to be hub security and now he is also the hub host. Don't mess with him, there is a lot of power in those two titles.

natedorough - The Forumer Hub King


The hub was Nate's idea. He put together the early lists for Our Lady Peace and Nickelback, and kept the hub website updated back in its early days.

kyks17 - The Hub Message Queen


AIM: kyks17

Kym is Josh's real-life wife and also holds the record for hub messages. She also explodes hard drives with her big collection of Silverchair recordings. RAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

nikki4982 - The Ruiner



Nikki ruined Nam's computer, and then she asked for a new description and ruined her old description and nickname. Watch out, she might ruin you. She wanted to add the bots to the OP page, but we decided not to let her ruin it.

xonodoubt69 - The Comedian


AIM: xonodoubt69


Mel says she has tons of Robin Williams CD's. I think she means DVD's, because as far as I know Robin Williams doesn't have any CD's.

nam_kablam - The Canadian


Believe it or not, Nam is the only OP who is usually online from Canada.

Aflowers - The Key Girl


Sarah used to be the no key girl, but now she's a real OP.

sandman - The Senile Old Man


Look, he found his beer!

SoozyJ - The Brit


Even though she lives in the UK, she's probably more likely to be seen at a hub event or meetup than you!

penguin - The Josh #2


AIM: ShineUpCrooked


Josh can often be found in the hub doing the OP thing, chatting about whatever is on his mind, and sharing his love for aquatic life.

Stace - The Witness


Stace was with OLP the day of the naked Duncan photo shoot. She is also absolutely hilarious, she'll fit in perfectly around the hub.

PeaceEleven - The Wizard


Jonathan hooked us up large on the router situation, and continues to be our technical brains behind the scenes.

yonder9 - The Machine


Pete is nothing but a machine when it comes to collecting OLP. I swear he's waiting for me every time I put a new show up. He has quite the collection, so if you are looking for anything OLP, open his files up first.

Reijin - The Musician


Dave does great covers of OLP and other bands. If you talk to him, please request Big Dumb Rocket.

richandshelley - The Pioneers


The OLP pioneers themselves, they run the best OLP site out there. Better than the OLP official site. Check em out at

ac96rh - The Boss


Al got the whole thing started by offering to host. He also created the greatest Our Lady Peace message boards on earth at

deniedjunkie - The Definition of Unselfishness


Jason has been the most generous OLP trader I have ever dealt with since I IM'ed him out of the blue years ago.

trig - The Bot


Trig isn't an actual person, really!